Wonderware Manufacturing Analytics

Activating Data in the Industrial World

Due to the exponential growth of data (Internet of Things) industrial companies are struggling to translate their data retrieved from many different data sources into information. Manufacturing Intelligence software enables organizations to gain new insights about the plant’s performance to all levels of the organization

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The Wonderware Intelligence Solution

Contextualize production data, combine data sources and start analyzing

Taken individually, data sources generally bring valuable information to end users. However, when different data sources are assembled together in a single, trusted data set covering industrial operations as a whole, the business value of visualizing data thrives. 

Wonderware operational intelligence software synthesizes data from across the plant, revealing relationships and insights that would be all but invisible otherwise. It models data into manageable chunks, so that industrial teams can easily track performance against the metrics that matter most – in time enough to make a difference.


Add context to your production data

The Wonderware Intelligence software connects to multiple data sources simultaneously, revealing how disparate industrial operations affect each other. Add context to your historical process data to gain new insights. 

Create intuitive dashboards to share information within your organization and deliver role-based information to all required organization levels.

Self service analytics

Transform data into valuable information by creating intuitive dashboards with the Intelligence Analytics Client. Its accessible drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for end-users to build a wide variety of visualizations.  

Intelligence Analytics Client is a user-friendly analytics and visualization tool, allowing end users from the plant floor to corporate level to explore and analyze data, view KPI’s and create charts and dashboards.  

Share information across the organisation

Continuous improvement starts with access to valuable information. By bringing together visualisations in interactive dashboards and sharing them across networks, web browsers or mobile devices it becomes possible to do ad-hoc analysis for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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