Transparency in the energy costs per ton of produced chocolate

Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut

With a yearly production of 1.8 million tonnes of chocolate, Barry Callebaut is the biggest chocolate manufacturer in the world. The company works on a global scale – with over a 10,000 employees – and is present in 30 countries and operates 56 sites. Barry Callebaut is using Manufacturing Intelligence to gain valuable insights in the energy consumption. By visualising the data in clear dashboards, the staff is able to make the right decisions and come to (saving) results quickly.

Information on multiple levels

The power of Manufacturing Analytics is that it is a perfect tool to show all available data in general and you can zoom in on all the various processes. This gives a good understanding of the possible savings – where and when and how – on energy costs. Slicing and dicing provides extra information of the different production lines and the related recipes.

Optimising and savings

OEE-optimising is key for Barry Callebaut and this means that the company focuses on maximization of the throughput and capacity-utilization of the production lines. A dashboard shows that there is a linear relationship between the production rate and the energy consumption and that is positive. It also shows the effects on the specific energy consumption. By acting/producing more efficiently, the kWh per ton can be reduced enormously, up to a factor three and that is a big money saver and a big win for nature.

Barry Callebaut at our Wonderware Wednesday Webinar

View the webinar (Dutch) and hear and see how Bram Van Genebeth of Barry Callebaut presents how they implemented Manufacturing Intelligence and made it part of their daily business (from 23:33).