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Are you curious to see what Wonderware Intelligence can do for you? Working together with your domain experts, we can build a functional prototype within a period of three weeks. With our proven approach we can achieve a clear result that shows the added value of Manufacturing Analytics on your plant. Afterwards you decide to buy or not.

Analyze your production data in five steps!

The various process steps on the production process together create an end product, and converting production data into information works in exactly the same way. Wonderware Benelux can help you so that you too can analyze your production data and convert it into valuable information.

Would you like to find out what new insights an analysis of your production data can deliver for your organization? A first step is simply to test how data analysis can add value to your organization. Join Wonderware Benelux in meeting the challenge of demonstrating this in five steps and request a Proof of Concept.

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Step 1: Goal

Defining the project

What are we going to create and how is this relevant to your production process? What requirements is the PoC  going to meet in order to succeed? What is wanted from the future solution? The answers to these questions are the basis for the PoC. During this phase, we identify together a point to aim for and determine the success factors and acceptance criteria.

Step 2: Workshop

Designing a manageable use case

Focus is the key word. A PoC succeeds when it is clearly demarcated. In our experience, successful projects always start with a manageable question and a clear goal. During a workshop with your domain expert, we consider what information is necessary and how it should be made available. This is the time to outline the desired analyses and dashboards.

Step 3: Implementation

Building the use case solution in Wonderware Intelligence

In this phase, our data expert carries out the translation of data into information. By linking data sources and calculating important performance indicators, an analysis environment is created and dashboards are given shape. This is an iterative process and an interaction between data expert and process/domain expert, who work together to arrive at new insights.

Step 4: Delivery

Presenting the project results

What insights has the PoC delivered? Where is there the potential for making savings or how can product quality be enhanced? At the end of the PoC, the data and domain experts together present the results to the stakeholders. There is then the opportunity for a two-week trial period.

Step 5: Evaluation

Evaluating the results and decide to buy or not to buy

How do we move on from here? What kind of help is needed? Following the trial period, there is a Go/NoGO moment and the choice is made whether to go ahead and purchase the software. We work with you to find ways of further utilizing data analysis in your factory.

What we expect from you

A typical Proof of Concept has a lead time of two to three weeks, depending on its complexity and the availability of the players involved. We arrange intervals between the different steps, which you and we both need for working out certain matters. Our data expert will give you homework, such as describing information requirements or outlining dashboards. For our part, we will perform operational tasks based on your input.

During implementation, which is an iterative process, the ball is passed back and forth between your domain expert and our data expert. Relationships in the data are tested and new insights shared. In this way we work together to build the working prototype.

Just as you expect commitment from us, we ask the same from you. To keep up the momentum, the lead time of a PoC will be limited to a maximum of four weeks. During implementation of the PoC, Wonderware Benelux makes licenses available. Your investment consists solely of your own time and the fixed consulting costs of our data expert.

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