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Manufacturing Analytics Software

We focus on creating the most innovative and reliable industrial software to empower individuals, teams and businesses of all sizes, to become extraordinary.

With the broadest installed base of any industrial software and the most feature-rich products available, Wonderware has been the driving force of innovation in the industrial software market for decades. Over a third of the world’s companies trust Wonderware software to run their plants. Our industrial software is at the heart of businesses in every imaginable industry. Find out more about our Manufacturing Intelligence solution or take a look at the full Wonderware software portfolio.

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Advise and Support

We provide first line support and advise our customers on how to get the most out of the software.

Wonderware Benelux is the Wonderware Certified Support Provider in Benelux. Our team of Tech Support Specialists are ready to answer your questions and help you solve your technical issues. Our  Manufacturing Analytics Consultants are all specialists with industry experience to go along with their extensive Wonderware software training. This combination allows us to provide support in the context of your data challenges so that you get the best advice possible.

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Proof of Concept

With our unique five step approach we can work out a use-case on your data in a limited time.

Are you curious to see what Wonderware Intelligence can do for you? Working together with your domain experts, we can build a functional prototype within a period of three weeks (5 working days). With our proven approach we can achieve a clear result that shows the added value of Manufacturing Analytics on your plant. Afterwards you decide to buy the software or not.

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Hands-on Training

We teach you how to use our software to its full potential in one of our hands-on Training Programs.

Whether you are an established professional or new to the domain, Wonderware instructor-led training will teach you how to use the Manufacturing Analytics software to design and develop solutions to be applied to your specific business needs. For our Manufacturing Analytics solution we provide 1-day training programs on both the Intelligence Server and the Intelligence Analytics Client.

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Are you interested in a Proof of Concept in your organisation? Or do you just want to have more information about our solution? Or would you like to have a no-obligation discussion about the possibilities that your production data offers you? Our consultants will provide you with realistic and feasible advice.