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Energy Management

Energy Performance Dashboard

Dashboards and analytics help to gain insights in energy KPI's. Wonderware Intelligence leverages the power to look at energy consumption, energy intensity or the company’s carbon footprint from different points of view. By contextualizing the energy data with process data, KPI's were visualized for each site, product, batch and linestate within a selected period. The dashboard below shows an energy performance comparison between multiple sites (high level) to determine how well each site performs.

OEE and Quality Management

Quality Performance Dashboard

Context can be added to data by combining data from multiple data sources into one model. The contextualized production data can on its turn be used to obtain valuable information regarding OEE and quality. For this dashboard, data from Wonderware Historian, Wonderware MES and third-party LIMS data was combined into one analytics environment. The dashboard shows a comparison on several quality KPI's. In the charts can be seen how units, shifts and batches performed, what the outliers were and when they occur. Outliers can be further analyzed to determine how they can be prevented in the future.

Water Control

Energy Consumption Dashboard

Wonderware Intelligence is an excellent tool for extracting data points (tags) from Historians. By putting tags in context with each other, valuable insights can be discovered. This dashboard for water control is showing energy consumption in a water treatment plant. Energy data extracted from Wonderware Historian has been contextualized with process data coming from the same data source. The dashboard provides insights in energy consumption per equipment and per cubic meter of water.  


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