Mapping capacity limitations of the syrup production by analysing batch data



Vrumona is part of Heineken and produces per year approximately 3 million hectolitre of soft drinks. It makes Vrumona one of the biggest soft drink producers in The Netherlands. With a portfolio of over 250 SKUs Vrumona bottles brands like Pepsi, 7Up, Rivella, Gatorade, SiSi, Royal Club and Sourcy.

Capacity of the syrup production hall

Over the years the bottle portfolio of Vrumona has grown enormously. The productions runs however have become shorter and the syrup batches have become smaller and the original syrup production hall was not designed and built to fully accommodate this. Especially in the peak periods Vrumona every now and then is confronted with production downtime because of shortage of capacity in the syrup production hall. That is why they started to analyse the batch data and this made clear what the moments were when capacity shortage occurred.

Clear Insights

Studying actual, reliable production data provided new insights in the real limitations and the real unknown possibilities of the production capacity of the batch mixers. Unexpectedly the most surprising outcome was that Vrumona has, in general, sufficient (over)capacity to produce much more than they do now without investing in new installations. Initially the process operators wanted a new batch mixer to increase capacity, but the dashboards proved them wrong: they showed that the current machinery must be able to meet their production demand. It turned out that the biggest optimisation win could be gained by planning the production more efficiently.

Vrumona at the Wonderware KnowledgeXchange 2019

View the presentation of Mark Jorritsma and see how the dashboards we built provided clear insights to Vrumona.